Our School


Bomiriya Central College consists of 6-13 grades. Our school offers every O/L and A/L subject in English or Sinhala medium. We have a 90% pass rate on our O/L students. Mother B.C.C. grows everyday thanks to the service of our teachers and the principal

Leaders of Our School

Mr. M.M.A.A.M. Thilakarathna Principal
Mrs. P.D.K.K. Perera Deputy Principal
Mr. A.M. Ajith Aththanayake Deputy Principal
Ven. Viharagama Sirinanda Assisstant Principal
Mrs. G.D.P.T. Dissanayake Assisstant Principal

School Houses

Every student is given a house when the first register to the school. The student badge contains the house color in the bottom right corner. Our school consists of 4 inner school houses which are,

- Meththa
- Karuna
- Muditha
- Upekha

Every year the school holds a house meet. Students can participate in various sports and earn their house points by winning. After going through all of the sports events, the sports meet is held and the house which has the most points by the time wins the house cup.

School Anthem

විදු නැණ ධාරණ - යහ ගුණ සේවිත
බෝමිරි මැදි විදුහල් මෑණි
සැරදේවා - සැරදේවා - සැරදේවා

දස දෙස පෑ යස - දිදුලන සේ සඳ
හොබවමු ඔබ නම ලක් අඹරේ
එක් වෙමු ඔබ ළඟ සතර දෙසින්
තරු සඳු අසිරිය සේ
විදු නැණ ධාරණ...

දෙස බස දෑ හිත
සුරකින පෑ මත
අපි වෙමු ඔබ සත් දරු දැරියෝ
සැරදේවා - සැරදේවා - සැරදේවා